The Importance of Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning

Dirty AC Coil
There are many critical components to an air conditioning system, but the air conditioning coils are by
far some of the most important. These coils are also very delicate and need to be handled properly in
order to preserve their cooling power. With regular maintenance and upkeep, well-preserved AC coils
will help keep indoor air quality high and utility bills lower.

Types of AC Coils
Your air conditioning system has two basic types of coils: evaporator and condenser. Evaporator coils
will extract the humidity and heat from within your home while condenser coils will work to expel the
gathered heat. When the condenser unit located outside your home initially cycles on with your air
conditioning system, it uses a compressor to convert coolant in the form of a gas into a liquid that’s
quite cold. This cold liquid is then transported through coils to the evaporator unit where the air handler
then distributes the cooler air throughout your home. Once it has traveled through the evaporator unit,
the coolant begins its journey back to the condenser. Along the way, the coolant pulls warm air into the
unit and changes from a liquid back to gas. The fan in the condenser then blows the warm outside the

The Value of AC Coil Cleaning
As the coils work to draw the warm air out of your home, they also pull other things that can cause a
nasty buildup. These often include dust, dirt, grease, and bacteria. These may create a barrier of grime
that will force the coils and your air conditioning system to work harder. Increased system efficiency
and cooling power coupled with improved indoor air quality are two of the primary benefits of a proper
AC coil cleaning.

An Easily Damaged Component
The coil fins in an air conditioning system are delicate and extremely sensitive. They can be easily
damaged if the wrong type of cleaning product is used or if they are handled with too much force.
Proper coil cleaning requires the handling of dangerous chemicals and potential exposure to electric
shock. Improper handling can possibly lead to a very costly repair. Consult a professional HVAC
contractor when considering AC coil cleaning.
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